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How To Hide Knots On Lace Wig Without Bleaching

As we all know knots are visible and unnatural if you don’t do anything to deal with them. Most Girls don't like bleaching knots in general, because bleaching your knots does kind of damage them and cause hair to shed in the long term. Let's get into today's tutorial about how I hide the knots on my wig without having to bleach the knots, this is perfect for novices and beginners.

hide knots before and after without bleaching

How To Hide Knots Without Bleaching Step By Step

All things you need:

Brand foundation, concealer, Tweezers, make-up brush, A foam or mannequin head, lace wig, Silicone lace melting tape, and a rat-tail comb.

1. Prepare And Pluck The Hair

The first step you should do before hiding knots is to make sure the enough Parting space, next, you ought to decide what part you want to do, and if you gonna wear this wig in the middle part, then go ahead and place the wig on mannequin head and with tweezers to do a clean part.

Try Your best to just pluck right in the middle to clear out those knots in the center, so that way it just looks like you know cleaner and since those knots are gone, it just kind of really helps get that coming out of your scalp illusion without having to bleach the knots.

2. Apply Foundation Into Hairline

say goodbye to hair knots

Select a foundation/concealer: Choose a type of high-coverage liquid concealer or foundation that is an exact shade that matches your skin. because you really want the color to cover those knots.

Apply Foundation Along Hairline: Apply foundation to the back side of the hand, use a brush to dip liquid foundation to tint the underside of the lace, pushing that Foundation into the lace to really get it into the hairline and to get the foundation or concealer to cover up those knots.

Once I fully push in the foundation then I go ahead and get some loose setting powder this kind of just helps to set everything.

3. Use Silicone lace melting tape

lace grid eraser

The reason why you should use Silicone lace melting tape since this is supposed to help cover up knots and also erase that grid look.

Just put it on your parting space to make the part look very realistic, in a way so what I do is I Measure out how much I need and go ahead and place it Sticky Side down and just stretch it right across that middle space parting, then put some on the sides of the lace front wig because I wanted to hide the knots for where the baby hairs are going to be showing.

As you can see the knots are a lot more concealed and it also kind of helps you not have to put on a wig cap when installing because it kind of acts like a fake scalp.

4. Style And Define The Wig

Once I did all those little prep steps the knots were a lot less noticeable. Use a spray bottle filled with water to just spray through the hair use a paddle brush and start just brushing the hair and defining the curls.

5. The Last Step: Get Seamless Look For You

conceal lace knots on a human hair wig

while the hair is air drying, you also can do the last few steps to really help conceal those knots properly.

Apply some concealer that is just a little bit lighter than you are like one to two shades, and I just pop that right in the middle of the part and on top of the part really just helps conceal the knots, since we have that lace tape at the bottom as a barrier the foundation can sit right on top of the lace. It's going to really help camouflage those knots. 

Next, go in with my full semi-full coverage Foundation powder powdered Foundation, also you can use a cream foundation as well, just use a shade that's like your exact skin tone and use a small brush to buff this in the areas where the knots can show from the baby hairs. Here we are with the hair nice and natural.


At the end of the day, Nothing's gonna like match a perfectly bleached wig, however, these tips and tricks do help conceal and make them a lot less noticeable and all you can do is try your best to slay the wig to the best of your ability.

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