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Can You Wash A Wig With Regular Shampoo

We all know that using the right product and carrying out a proper care tutorial can maintain wig last as long as possible. However, people may ask some questions like can I wash a wig with regular shampoo? Avoid regular shampoo on synthetic wigs and human hair wigs, as it's designed for oil stripping.

Today, we delve into this topic and help you find the best answer for you!

can i wash a wig with regular shampoo

The Benefits Of Using Wig Shampoo

1. keep wigs looking fresh, vibrant, and free of tangling.

2. Retain the wig's original style and color, preventing fading and frizz.

3. Balances pH Levels to ensure the wig is manageable.

4. Effectively cleanses away build-up from styling products without harsh chemicals.

5. Maintain luster

Can I Wash A Wig With Regular Shampoo

We don’t recommend using regular or normal shampoo to wash your lace front wig, as it can stripe oil and moisture on the fibers to make hair look dry and dull. It is important to choose special hair care products that are formulated to clean fibers safely and gently. We suggest you check Ingredient lists and make sure you are choosing a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner while selecting one.

One thing that should be noted is that choosing the appropriate shampoo depends on different hair materials corresponding to different care regimens. For example, human hair wigs need to be used solely for real hair on human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs should be washed with synthetic fiber shampoo.


What Alternatives Can I Use To Wash A Wig Without Wig Shampoo

Baby Shampoo: If wig shampoo is not available, baby shampoo can substitute wig shampoo for a gentle wash, despite stripping oils like regular shampoos.

baby shampoo

How to wash: Use sparingly in cold water, swish gently, then rinse and air dry, but potentially dryness and stiffness in your wig.

Laundry detergent: Woolite is a mild laundry detergent, that can clean synthetic wigs effectively, blending well with plastic fibers. Avoid using it on human hair wigs, as it's harmful to human hair fiber.

Laundry detergent

How to wash: Wash with Woolite in cold water, use fabric softener for softness.

How Often Should You Wash Your Wig

You should wash your wig every 6-8 wears, or every two to three weeks, to maintain its freshness and prolong its life. Overwashing can lead to dullness and damage. If you wear a wig daily, consider having two wigs to alternate and reduce wear. The frequency of washing also depends on your local environment and your lifestyle:

In humid climates, where sweat accumulates or styles deflate, wash your wig more often.

Lifestyle factors, like exposure to smoke or strong odors, also necessitate more frequent washing.


We can learn that choosing the correct shampoo is vital for retaining the structural integrity of the fibers so you can make maximum of your investment. Finding a beautiful wig is not difficult. With our 100% human hair high-quality wigs, you can enjoy a beautiful look and gorgeous hair every day. Mshair support your beauty and confidence in no time as your hair is the crown for lovely girls, we are always here and help you guys!

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