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How Often Should Human Hair Wigs Be Cleaned

A proper washing routine can enhance a wig’s appearance and style. Also, taking good care of human hair wig plays a huge role in the health and longevity of our wigs, if you want to know how often to wash wigs is too often, whether there is a criterion about when to wash your hair wig. You are in the right place. So we will share everything that you want to know.

 how often should human hair wigs be cleaned

How Often To Wash A Human Hair Wig

As a rule of thumb, A human hair wig should be cleaned about every 4-6 weeks or 7-10 times of usage. As a survey among girls who wear human hair wigs daily indicated: they usually wash their human hair wigs once every 1-2 weeks. However, we find this is not correct when you are always sweating or exposed to bad environmental pollution such as smoke, and rainy weather, It is necessary to wash a human hair wig more frequently.

5 Factors Can Make A Difference in The Frequency Of Washing Human Hair Wigs

Your Lifestyle

Wear a wig every day and rarely wearing a wig makes a difference. If you are a wig-lover and wear a wig daily, you have to wash it often to keep women's human hair wigs clean. Additionally, Exercise enthusiasts should wash their wigs more often due to increased wet sweating will make hair dirty, Conversely, those leading a more sedentary life can enjoy longer intervals between washes.  

washing human hair wigs

The Use Of Hair Products

Active lifestyles and frequent use of styling products like shaping creme or hairspray need more regular washes twice a week.

Environment Surrounding You

Living in rainy or hot climates means your wig may require more frequent washing to maintain your human hair wig's cleanliness and appearance. Regular exposure to the outdoors may suffer from heat and pollution.

Texture Of Your Hair Wig

The frequency of washing wigs can vary for different hair textures, and wigs come in wavy, curly, kinky, and straight. Straight hair wigs usually need washing more often than wavy and curly wigs as they tend to accumulate oils and dirt more visibly and quickly, while kinky/coily wigs need the least frequent washing due to their inherent dryness.

3 Signs That Your Wig Need Be Cleaned

We all know that over-washing human hair wigs is not recommended. At the same while, we also can’t forget to wash your human hair wigs to refresh them, there are 3 phenomena you should know to make sure the wig lasts.

Look and Feel: Tangles, look dull and dirty, or have an unnatural feel.

Odor: Any unpleasant smells are a clear indicator.

Build-Up: Visible product build-up or residue.

Additional Wig Maintenance Tips:

Never Over-washing Your Wig

Please remember: The more you wash your wig, the lifetime the wig is shorter. Because human hair wigs do not produce the oil from our scalp like natural hair, washing hair wigs too often will accelerate the damage to the strands.

Invest in tailored Shampoo And Conditioner for Human Hair Wig

It's crucial to use specialized, high-quality shampoo and conditioner to extend the lifespan of your precious human hair wig. Regular hair products meant for natural hair may not be suitable for wigs. Investing in wig-specific care products ensures optimal protection and maintenance of your hair strands.

Use styling products sparingly

heat tools

Use styling products sparingly like hairspray or gel on your human hair wig to reduce washing frequency. Also, Choose products specifically formulated for human hair wigs and apply them conservatively. Additionally, while modern wigs can withstand heat styling, opting for air-drying is a safer, wig-friendly approach to prolong its lifespan.


In Nutshell, washing a human hair wig or has a time frame that can vary based on your lifestyle, product usage, environmental factors, and wig texture. By adhering to the guidelines of this article, you can ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your human hair wig.

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