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Why Are Human Hair Wigs More Expensive

Paying for a human hair wig is a very great investment. With a keen eye, you can find human hair wigs have a higher price tag than synthetic hair wigs, In today’s article, we will reveal the truth behind the secret of larger-cost human hair wigs. Let’s explore this topic and learn why the price of human hair wigs is worth it.

it's paramount to know that 6 points play a crucial part in the price of a human hair wig.

Top 6 Reasons Why Human Hair Wigs Are More Expensive

1. Hair Type

1.1 Synthetic Hair& Human Hair

synthetic hair which is the most affordable, but actual human hair is expensive while offer real appearance and comfort feel.

human hair wigs body wave

1.2 Ethnic Difference

Chinese Hair: we can collect Chinese hair is the most commonly used across the industry it is straight and coarser meaning each strand is thicker.

Indian Hair: another hair type that's often used is Indian hair which is more textured and has Natural Body and movement to it as well.

European hair: this is the smoothest and it's a lot softer so it is the most desired and it is also the hardest to come by which makes it about 40 times more expensive than Chinese hair.

2. Material Quality

Hair Material source in diversity of ways, here we mainly talk about 2 types of remy hair and non-remy hair.

human hair hd lace front wig

Non-Remy hair is collected by picking the hair up from the floor they have to process it. The floor hair won't have the hair cuticles in the same direction. ponytails that have come together to make this inexpensive human hair wig. it's human but it's low-quality human hair.

Remy means strands going in one direction. One donor’s hair is cut off of a ponytail they then treat the hair and put it in wefts. this is one donor with healthy and high-quality hair that's why that one cost more than the one.

3. Hair Length And Color

Ombre colored human hair wig

The longer the human hair the more expensive the hair is. Shorter hair is easier to find and is the most commonly sourced across the industry, when we get into longer hair it takes longer to grow so longer hair is harder to source and therefore it's a lot more expensive.

cheap wig doesn't color as well because it's been processed many times. the difference by how it also colors. the pure hairiest will color on so much better than a cheap human hair wig.

4. Cap Construction

Cap Construction varies greatly. Which are mainly divided machine-wefted pieces or a hand-tied piece.

A wefted piece is made to be a lot quicker easier and less expensive as it takes less labor to create machine wefted pieces, which generally take about two to three weeks from start to finish.

a hand-tied piece is where a skilled artisan ties every hair and takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to create this piece, it's more labor intensive which drives up the price hand-tied wigs also give a more natural feel and a more natural flow to them.

5. Craftsmanship

Hand-Tied Lace Wig Human Hair

Craftsmanship is a key determinant of wig costs. Opting for a high-quality wig entails selecting one meticulously crafted with one to two hairs per knot. This intricate process demands significant time and the expertise of skilled artisans, resulting in a lace front that seamlessly blends with your natural hairline and offers a softer appearance around your face. Additionally, handmade base construction with a French top adds to the labor-intensive nature of wig production. Each knot is individually sewn, ensuring invisibility and a natural look when parting the hair.

6. The Shortage Of Raw Natural Hair Material

There is a common phenomenon that the demand exceeds the supply for human hair wigs. The limited availability of high-quality human hair, sourced from donors who maintain healthy hair, further drives up prices.

Final Takeaways

In Conclusion, human hair wigs are more expensive due to labor-intensive, Premium materials, and quality hair type. which are long-lasting, and provide more versatile styling and natural looking. So Human Hair Wigs are indeed worth it because of these numerous advantages.


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