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Hair Extension's Care Tips For First Timers

Have you weaved a hair extension recently? We understand that you might be super excited about it. However, we wish to remind you that you must be aware of the maintenance measures that would help in retaining the novelty of Hair Extensions. In case you have woven the extension for the first time, these instructions will come in handy for you. Hence, start reading.

How to nourish the strands

The extended strands need as much care as you take for your original manes. Therefore, the professionals at the salon of Hair Extensions advice that you must not forget to apply generous amounts of live-in conditioner or nourishing serum on the strands as soon as you step out of the shower.

How to plait the hair

Never use a synthetic bristled brush or a narrow teethed comb for plaiting the strands properly. Instead, your companion should be a wide toothed comb made from natural wood and a paddle brush with natural bristles. While combing your hair every day, use the comb for detangling the strands and then brush your manes using the brush.

How to take care at bedtime

During bedtime, the most important thing that you need to remember is that the extensions do not get rubbed against the pillow. Or else, they would get loosed and start falling off. Therefore, always wrap your extensions properly at bedtime and then wear a skull cap, scarf, or sleep cap made from satin or silk for preventing the extensions from getting rubbed against your bed. In addition, if you have a habit of washing your hair at night then ensure that you have dried it out completely before plunging upon your bed.

How to dry extensions

It is highly recommended that you insist upon drying the extensions naturally everyday in order to make sure that they do not become dry and hydrated. In case you have to use extensions, never forget to set the temperature at low heat. Refrain from using blow driers with high temperature for ensuring that the extended strands will not dry out.

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