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How To Preserve Human Hair ?

Many women change their looks quickly by wearing human hairso many women have a lot of human hair, and how to store them well becomes a problem that they have to face. Human hair can be used over and over again for a long time if stored properlythat leaves a lot of money for other things. So how do you preserve real human hair? Let’s talk about that.


※ Preparation Before Preserve Human Hair

※  Preserve Method Of Human Hair 

※  Tips Of Preserve Human Hair


1. Make sure human hair you have bought is real virgin human hair, Due to the quality of synthetic hair or other non-virgin hair itself is not very good, after using several times, they would be messy and knot. Even if it's well stored, it doesn't change their fate, so you have better choose 100% human hair weave.

2. Clean it and then comb it smoothly after your remove your human hair from your head. If human hair is stored directly without being washed, it could leave a bad smell after a while, and the bacteria and dirt on the human hair can slowly eat away at the human hair, which trends to no longer strong. At the same time, the residual hair gel can cause the human hair to become knotted or even tangled, when undertakes cleaning it again, the human hair is hard to restore the burnish and strong before. So make sure you wash your human hair well before you store it.

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3. Buy professional shampoo to washing your human hair. professional human hair shampoo can effectively remove the dirt and hair gel wig, make your human hair clean and easy to manage again.

4. Then gently brush and smooth human hair. Do not to vigorously pull the hair, even if the hair has a slight knot, please don’t pull it vigorously, you can slowly tie the hair bundle comb smooth, then you can divide the human hair into several layers, and comb the human hair layers smoothly along the track of the waves, so as not to destroy the original curvature and tangle.

5. Air dry or blow-dry your human hair after washing. If your human hair is kept in a damp environment, it will become moldy, smell bad, and even get bugs after a while, so don't do it. Find a well-ventilated area and let your hair air-dry naturally or use a low-temperature hair dryer to make sure it is completely dry.

6. Try not to dye your human hair that becomes highlight color as far as possible for example 613 blonde color. Because the hair is met fade, tangle, messy, and so on all sorts of problems after washing a few times, which would shorten the life of the hair.

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1. When you remove your human hair from your head, the best storage method is put it on a mannequin head or a human hair stand. If you throw it on a bed, a sofa, or a table, the human hair would become messy and easy to be out of shape. Moreover, there is easy to dust on the surface of human hair. When you need to put it on and go, you would find it is impossible to do. So you had better buy a mannequin head or a human hair stand when in storage to preserve the shape of the human hair.

2. Hang it on a clothes rack. Hanging your human hair in the air helps the human hair keep its shape. If you have enough room in your closet, you can hang a clean human hair there. Hanging it in the air helps keep the shape of straight human hair intact.

3. Put the human hair in the drawer. You had better have a special drawer to preserve human hair, so you can ensure that the human hair does not get extrusion from other things, that is conducive to keep the maintenance of the curvature and the shape of deep wave,natural wave and curly wave human hair.

4. Hang the human hair in a clean plastic bag. If none of the above works for you, you can find a clean plastic bag that is large enough to hold your hair in place and take care not to press it to prevent it from becoming distorted.

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1. Keep out of the sun. Direct sunlight can leave hair dry and limp, and make human hair easy to tangle and messy. So avoiding direct sunlight can extend the life of your human hair.

2. Put your human hair in a place where the air flows in. Let your human hair in contact with the fresh air so that it doesn't get strange smells from other substances.

3. Don’t squeeze your human hair when you preserve it. If you squeeze your human hair for a long time, the waves are difficult to keep, and the human hair even permanent deformation. So leave your human hair stay alone is a good way to keep its shape.

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That is all I want to share about how to preserve human hair, and how do you preserve your human hair? Leave a comment in the comments section. Anything about human hair your want to buy, please click and enter www.mshair.comModern Show Hair is one of the best human hair weave brands, and you would get the best human hair weave. Anything you want to know about human hair, please leave a comment in the comments section.

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