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How To Keep Curly Wig Looking Wet

Curly Hair is undoubtedly popular and can make you look gorgeous and elegant. Everyone should try a wet-look curly wig styles to stand out, however, maintaining a curly wet looking hair may be challenging as it is prone to look straight and flat. In this article, I will share some 10 tips that help lock the curls in place and Keep the curly wig looking wet all day. Scrolling down.

 how to keep curly wig looking wet

1. Wet Your Curly Wig With Water

In the beginning, your curly wig should be wet but not dripping wet hair. Because your hair is too soaking wet to stick the gel to the wig’s strands. So, spray your hair with a water-based spray bottle to make sure your wig is in ideal wet condition. This aids in helping the wig restore the curls and form a good shape of curls.

 spray curly wig with water to get wet look

2. Detangle The Wig

The Common problem that happens with curly wigs is tangle easily. The best way to detangle knots with curly hair is using a wide-tooth comb, always beginning at the ends and working your way up. Remember to be gentle and patient to brush your curls, this can help avoid breakage by doing so. Note the fingertips are also a great instrument to get loosened hair knots.

3. Apply The Mousse Or Cream To Curly Hair

Apply The Mousse Or Cream To Curly Hair

Maintain a wet appearance for your curly wig by using mousse or cream like Schwarzkopf foam mousse or Cantu coconut curling cream. Apply a generous amount evenly, finger-combing it through to define and shape each curl for a moist look even when dry. Opt for water-based products—they're light, preventing hair from feeling heavy. Mousse suits voluminous and bouncy styles, while cream is ideal for fine hair.

One thing we should keep in mind is that we shouldn't apply too much product(oil, gel, hair spray) to your curly hair, as it can weigh down the curls and make the wig tangle easily.

4. Apply A Little Gel

Apply Gel to curly wig

Begin the gel application at the roots and lengths of your curly hair. Focus on the roots for the desired look, you can check how it feels using your palm.

Make sure that you are using products made especially for curly wigs. scrunching is a styling technique that adds texture and volume, you can utilize it with the product and scrunch the curls to bring your curly mane back to life as you desire. This way can create bounce and shine to your curls.

5. Spritz Hair Glossing Spray

Enhance the glossy finish of your curly wig by choosing a shine spray. While massaging gel through the wig is essential, the use of a glossing spray adds a wet-looking shine without adding excessive weight, resulting in the perfect wet-look hairstyle. For optimal results, consider wig-specific glossing products designed to provide a glossy finish while maintaining soft and touchable curls.

6. Deep Condition Your Hair

you make sure that you wash and deep condition it and this hair is going to last as long as it should.

To prevent tangles and ensure the vitality of your wig:

7. Avoid Tangling Factors

Static, incorrect wearing methods or improper storage can lead to tangling. Minimize product usage, such as hairspray, to prevent excessive tangling.

8. Weekly Deep Conditioning Routine

Once a week, immerse your wig in warm water, apply conditioner liberally from ends to roots, and let it absorb for 20 minutes.

Rinsing Process:

After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water, followed by a cool water rinse to seal the cuticles.

Gentle Drying:

Gently blot excess water with a soft towel, leaving the rest to air-dry naturally.

9. Store The Wig Properly

Properly storing your curly wig is essential for maintaining its wet look. When not in use, keep it in a cool, dry place on a wig stand or wig head to prevent dryness and brittleness. Avoid exposure to sunlight and humidity. Treat your wig with care; avoid tossing it onto surfaces to prevent tangles.

10. Style The Hair

In the last step, personalize your curly wig to match your preferences. Whether you choose to leave it hanging, create an updo, or tie it into a ponytail, the choice is yours.

If you're a person who hates flyaways, you can use a styling wax just put this on my hands because you don't want it to be too thick, just gonna apply it to the top and that is what helps everything just lay nice and flat the way. This is our completed wet look. Nice silky and shiny.


Have you learned how to keep your curly human hair looking wet and fresh after reading these tips above mentioned? Also, you can use your curly wig for a longer time and save money with these steps. If you are looking for a natural-looking curly hair wigs human hair, you can visit Mshair and get one.

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